history of the brand

Love for the 60’s fashion & art

Wicky’s long standing passion for Pop Art and
retro classics manifested itself as fashion
inspiration and in the objects he chose to
collect and surround himself with.
There has never been such a concentrate
period of cultural exchange, collision and
expression than from 1965 to 1975,
from London, New York to San Francisco,
fashion, music, politics.
Art underwent a transformation that
fascinated our founder
and continues to fascinate us.

forever fashion denim

Everything is Possible was Wicky’s belief
and as he chose to have no limits with his
imagination, Denim took on a new meaning,
a cross-pollination of Denim and Fashion
that brought to life amazing creations that
gave Miss Sixty’s fans
a constant craving for innovation.
Fashion Denim lives on in Miss Sixty.

New York fashion show

A brand so important
had to be present in one
of the most important
fashion event
presenting a unique
special piece collection.

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