The Angel Collection Spring 19 brings us back to be the protagonist of a story where reaching our dreams is the goal.
The hand-stitched wings are the fil rouge that lead us in the enchanted forest where, the tree of life and the magic mirrors keep us in another dimension. The wings seem magical and unique, appear on jackets, sweatshirts, skirts and pants, bringing love and self-realization.
Hand-sewn by skilled craftsmen the wings are created by layers of chiffon and silk and embellished with laces, pearls and drops.
Skirts and sweatshirts are decorated with prints that tell this wonderful story.

Legend has it that there is a miracle tree in a secret garden. The miracle tree bears ‘angel wings of life’. The tree grows in a quiet and remote magic forest. A brave girl begins her adventure looking for the angel wings.” MISS SIXTY comes up with a beautiful Spring Angel Collection that captures this wonderful fairy tale.
The angel wings represent the girl’s self-breakthrough, growth and defining her own self in the tale.
This is also the message underlying in the Spring Angel Collection – You decide your wings (yourself). Everyone can pursue her dreams with the angel wings.