Rules and regulation


Rules & Regulations for MISS SIXTY Phone Wall Milano #MissSixtyMilano  Project
Promoter: Sixty Distribution srl, registered office in Rome, Lungotevere de’Cenci no. 9, VAT No. 12038631003 (hereinafter Sixty Distribution),
User: Instagram Account Holder
Project PROCEDURE: the Instagram User who publishes/sends their own photo on the Instagram platform with #MissSixtyMilano is entered into a selection process, conducted by Sixty Distribution at its sole discretion, which shall conclude with the selected photo (the Photograph) being published on the official Miss Sixty Instagram Profile and on the Phone Wall inside the store window at Piazza Duomo 31 in Milan. If selected, the User will be informed of this via Instagram, and by responding to #MISSSIXTYYes from their own account, the User will accept the following terms of use and REPRESENTS AND WARRANTS to Sixty Distribution that:

1. the User is the holder of the account used to publish the Photograph, and holds Sixty Distribution harmless from and against any claim from third parties;

2. the User appearing in the Photograph is of age, as well as any other people who may appear in the Photograph;

3. the User is the sole author of the Photograph, which represents the original work of its author, and does not infringe image rights, intellectual property rights, rights to reputation or any other kind of right which may be entitled to third parties.

4. the User exclusively assigns all intellectual property rights relating to the Photograph to Sixty Distribution, and that Sixty Distribution, at its sole discretion, may publish the photograph on the MISS SIXTY Phone Wall Milano #MissSixtyMilano , #MissSixty

5. the assignment referred to in the previous point is valid for the whole world, for an unlimited period, without any kind of limitation, and that Sixty Distribution has the right, but not the obligation, to use, adapt, publish, print, exploit, distribute and/or project the Photograph on its advertisement materials (only by way of example, on websites, social media and brochures) and via any means of transmission and/or distribution, as well as any technology now known (including the Internet), or that will be invented in the future, for an unlimited period, in the entire world, for any purpose, including for advertising – and the User shall have no right to receive compensation, damages or reimbursement for such usage;

6. there is expressly no obligation on Sixty Distribution srl and/or its assignees to use the Photograph; failure to use or under-utilisation of the Photograph shall not lead to the User being entitled to any right or claim;

7.  the User has unrestricted liability, and exempts Sixty Distribution from any claim, legal or not, that may arise from the use of the Photograph, and that could be lodged by third parties due to the unauthorised use of the Photograph, incurring any liabilities that could arise from such claims;

8. by accepting these terms and conditions, Sixty Distribution is released from any obligation to pay the User or third parties to use the Photograph, and because of any intellectual property right in relation to using the Photograph as described above, identifying any responsibility to be that of the User.

9. Sixty Distribution has the right to freely use all rights assigned in this document, and that the use of this Photograph by Sixty Distribution srl, as permitted in this document, does not infringe the rights of any third party. The undersigned will hold Sixty Distribution srl, its parent, subsidiary and licensed companies, as well as its assignees, harmless and indemnified from any complaints, damages, liability, cost or expense that may arise from any infringement of this guarantee;

10. the User has acquired all the necessary permissions and signed releases from all the people that appear in the Photograph;

11. the User has not included elements with direct and/or indirect advertising purposes, also undertaking to indemnify and hold harmless Sixty Distribution srl from any claim that may be made by third parties in this regard, including any expenses and/or fines that Sixty Distribution srl may incur in relation to the above mentioned;

12. the Photograph does not include content that is defamatory, damaging to the dignity, discriminatory or damaging to the property or intellectual rights of third parties in this regard, including any expenses and/or fines that Sixty Distribution may incur in relation to the above mentioned;

13. the User shall not grant rights to third parties that are conflicting or contradictory to the rights assigned to Sixty Distribution srl.

The User also confirms their consent for the communication and distribution of their personal data in accordance with the provisions in Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003.